What is an Initial Troll Offering

Commonly referred to as an ITO, it is a fundraising campaign for ridiculous and fun concepts involving the trolling of institutions with Bitcoin. This is all done in the spirit of the Bitcoin community! Throughout this process, participants will fund projects whose sole intention is to make fun of things, people, or Jamie Dimon.

We're Ready for the WSJ

This famous piece of artwork deserves its own advertisement in the Wall Street Journal. It not only promotes the Bitcoin namesake, but it also trolls the Wall Street Journal for being a paper that is made of paper. This wizard represents all that we love about Bitcoin.


Your contribution will go directly towards buying a full page ad in the Wall Street Journal. This generally costs $350,000 USD. We want your help to get this wizard into this old newspaper. If you participate, you will not get your money back. Unless we fail. Then you will get your money back. If we succeed, we'll get the Bitcoin Wizard into the Wall Street Journal.

Pay to 3LPbF1wufpLzRU5pBNutivadVXyK9jwtkP to contribute

We're A Big Deal.


This wallet is secured by Adam Draper, Mason Borda, and Brooke Mallers.

Have an idea for an ITO? Please submit to the ITO review board here